My Process

Portrait Commission

Most of my commissioned portraits are near to life-sized, full-color oil paintings on linen canvas or panel. They are in the style of classical realism. I use top-quality supplies to create a product that lasts. Whether you are looking for a family heirloom, corporate, or a memorial portrait it’s a great way to capture precious moments.

1. Initial Consultation

During our first meeting, we will discuss your vision for the project. We’ll explore the desired size, medium, and subject matter of the artwork. Feel free to share any references like photos or paintings that inspire you. We will also determine the estimated completion date.

2. Contract and Deposit

Once we have a general concept for the commission, we’ll schedule a photoshoot session. Another alternative would be for you to provide me with a photo reference. At this time, I will provide you with a contract, and a 50% deposit will be required to secure your photoshoot slot and estimated completion date.

3. Reference Photoshoot

The photoshoot typically lasts 2-3 hours. I encourage the subject to sit for a live session as well, as it adds a personal touch to the portrait. This is an enjoyable experience for the sitter and allows me to capture their essence. I will also take color notes and create a quick head study.

4. Reference Confirmation

After the photoshoot, I will refine the reference material, cropping it to showcase the desired composition and pose for the painting. I will then email you a proposed mockup of the portrait. Any necessary adjustments to the painting size or pricing will be discussed and confirmed upon your approval.

5. Work-in-Progress Review

As I work on the portrait in my studio, I will send you a digital image of the almost-completed portrait. We can discuss any adjustments or refinements that may be needed. If desired, the subject can also schedule a final sitting for touch-ups and additional input before the project is completed.

6. Project Completion and Delivery

Once the final touches are made, I will email you a digital photo for your confirmation. The remaining balance of the portrait fee will be due upon the pickup of the artwork. If you prefer, I can provide framing and shipping services at an additional cost.

Commission your Portrait today!

Please note that this is a general overview of the commission process, and specific details may vary depending on the project and client preferences.

My Process

Custom Mural

Initiating a mural commission is a straightforward process:

1. Initial Consultation

We begin by meeting to discuss your vision for the mural.

2. Design Phase

Following our conversation, I create a design aligned with your vision.
Once the design meets your approval, we proceed to the mural creation phase.

3. Cost Estimation

The mural cost is determined by the square footage and complexity.
The minimum cost for an indoor mural is $1,500, and for an outdoor mural, it is $2,000.

This process ensures a collaborative and transparent approach to bringing your mural vision to life.

Commission your Mural today!

Please note that this is a general overview of the commission process, and specific details may vary depending on the project and client preferences.

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