HEAD AND SHOULDERSUp to 222″ x 28″$2,500
HEAD AND HANDSUp to 230″ x 40″$4,500
FULLUp to 340″ x 60″$6,500
Prices are for Oil Painting


HEAD AND SHOULDERSUp to 216″ x 20″$1,500
HEAD AND HANDSUp to 220″ x 24″$2,700
FULLUp to 330″ x 40″$3,800
Prices are for Oil Painting


PET PORTRAIT (1 Subject)Client provides photo reference8″ x 10″$500
INFANT (1 Subject, Ages 0-11 mo)Client provides photo reference20″ x 24″$500 – $1,000
CHARCOAL PORTRAITClient provides photo reference16″ x 20″$800+
MEMORIAL PORTRAITRefer to Child and Adult Pricing Guide$1,800+
CORPORATE PORTRAITRefer to Adult Pricing Guide$2,500+
Prices are for Oil Painting

Important Information

I’ve put in the effort to present you with the most accurate pricing for my services. Your trust and understanding matter to me, and that’s why I’ve taken the time to ensure that my pricing reflects the true value of what I offer. I believe in straightforward and honest communication, so you can be confident that the investment you make aligns with the quality of the services I provide. Thank you for considering my offerings, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve you with clarity and value.

Dynamic Pricing

These are starting prices and may increase based on complexity of the painting


Additional subjects require an additional fee


The sizes are just estimates and can be larger or smaller based on the pose.

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